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We ensure education realistic for 6 to 18

This is sarva Siksha Mission
Rashtriyo Madhyamick Siksha Abhijan
Not Just A Programme, But A Commitment Towards - Education For All
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Sarva Siksha Mission as a project sets its goal to Universalise Elementary Education by 2010 through ensuring Access, Enrolment, Retention and Quality in the field of Elementary Education i.e. the education starting from class-I upto the level of class-VIII. PBSSM Office is working in different modes for fulfilment of this goal.

57 Numbers of Educational Circle headed by the Circle Project Co-ordinators (CPC) under different Sub-Division are working to implement several strategies for the children of 6 to 14 years. Overall these strategies / activities are regulated by District Project Officer of PBSSM Office at Barasat, North 24 Parganas through the CPC.

North 24 Parganas DPO
  • District Project Officer
  • North 24 Parganas District
  • Sri Arunava Pal
  • W.B.C.S.(Exe)
  • 033-25846260


Providing ACR, Protecting Children through Boundary Wall, Ensure Basic need, i.e. drinking water, Separate toilets for boys & girls, New School Building, Afresh construction for newly sanctioned NSP & NSUP, Ramp for disabled school goers

Informative Education

UDISE to locate the existance of each school
Teachers data ...
Student data...
School Data...

Qualifying Education

Teachers Training, Sishu Mitra Puraskar, Nirmal Vidyalaya, Engagement of Para Teachers, Providing unifrom , Providing School Grant, TLM for CWSN, Innovative Programme

Some Educational Information of North 24 Parganas

Information at a Glance as per UDISE 2016-17

  • No. of Blocks : 22
  • No. of Municipality : 28
  • No. of Circle : 57
  • No. of Gram Panchayet : 199

Educational Scenario at Primary & Upper Primary level

  • No. of Primary Schools : 3634
  • Gross Enrolment of Primary Schools: 415346
  • No. of Upper Primary Schools : 1183
  • Gross Enrolment of Upper Primary School : 845833

Educational Scenario at Elementary Level

  • Percentage of School with PTR more than 40 : 12.17
  • Percentage of School with SCR more than 40 : 13.85
  • Percentage of Schools without Drinking Water :.19
  • Percentage of Single-Teacher Schools ( more than 15 students): 3.25

Others Information Education Related

  • No. of SishuSiksha Kendra (SSK) : 949
  • Enrolment in SSKs : 77815
  • No. of MadhyamikSiksha Kendra (MSK) : 116
  • Enrolment in MSKs : 20832

Some SSM & RMSA Work

RMSA Civil Grant
Kala Utsab RMSA North 24 Parganas

Strengthening of school under RMSA

Our district received 32 numbers of school infrastructure grant in the financial year of 2014-15 & 16-17. Also received 1 number of CWSN Toilet in the financial year of 2016-17

Kala Utsab
Kala Utsab RMSA North 24 Parganas

Kala Utsab

It is an initiative of MHRD to promote arts in education by nurturing & showcasing the artistic talent of school students at the secondary level (of class- IX to X).

Self Defence
Self Defence RMSA North 24 Parganas

Self Defence for Girl Students

The objective of this programme is to reduce the absence of girl students in school & equip the girls with some life skills as well as defence skill during some offensive situation if arise in their life. Self Defence training for Girl students have been completed where 170 number of girl students from High Schools were trained.

Teachers' Training

Teachers' Training

To improve the quality of education teachers of high/ higher secondary schools are trained on various subjects

Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition & Book Fair

To generate the science awareness & to develop the inclination towards the study of science among the students of class- IX to XII RMSA has launched a provision to conduct Science exhibition for direct involvement of the students & accordingly it has been organized as follows

Remedial Teaching
Educational Tour RMSA North 24 Parganas

Remedial Teaching

For the academically poorer students remedial teaching is being given where 8325 numbers of students from 111 High Schools has been covered in 2016-17.

Educational Tour
Educational Tour RMSA North 24 Parganas

Educational Tour

In 2016-17 educational tour has been conducted for the students numbering 16050 under 535 numbers of High Schools.

Annual School Grant
Annual School Grant RMSA n24pgs

Annual School Grant

Annual School Grant of Rs. 50,000.00 School is placed to Secondary / Higher Secondary Schools to meet electricity & water charges, purchase of books & other need based educational materials, petty repairs & maintenance etc.

north 24 Parganas RMSA ICT

Integrated Computerized Education

Integrated Computerized Education using Information & Communication Technology is implemented in 181schools of this district


Distribution of Sports Equipment

In 2015-16 for the distribution of sports equipment @ Rs. 20000/-, total 10 numbers of High Schools were selected based on high enrolment as per DISE information. The beneficiaries were the students from class-IX to XII.

sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

SSM Work

Comuter Aided Learning(CAL)

Using computers for teaching and learning activities is effective. The learning levels of children who are studying in CAL schools marked progress as per the feedback ...

sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

SSM Work

Nirmal Vidyalaya

Nirmal Vidyalaya Saptaha was observed in all Primary & Upper Primary schools including all SSK and MSK under this district since 2012.

sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

SSM Work

Educational Tour

Conducted in the year 2015-16 at Science City (Kolkata) where total 1454 numbers of both girls & boys students of class-IV were covered for this exposure.

sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

SSM Work

For Disable Child (IED)

Need based Educational Support along with Therapeutic support is providing to enrolled CWSN by Special Educators through Resource Room.


Here you collect all allotment details from 2016-2017



sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas science_exibition

Science Exibition

Sarva Siksha Mission Science Exibition

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sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas science_exibition

Science Exibition

Sarva Siksha Mission Science Exibition

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rmsa_excurtion north 24 pargnas

RMSA Excurtion

RMSA Excurtion at Science City

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RMSA kala utsav North 24 Parganas

Kala Utsav(RMSA)

Participating School for Kala Utsab 2017

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sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

IED Camp

Distribution of IED Hearing Impaired

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rmsa_science exibition north 24 parganas

Science Exibition(RMSA)

Science Exibition & Book Fair

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sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

IED Camp

IED Camp for low vision & eye related

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sarva siksha mission north 24 parganas

IED Camp

IED Camp registration

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033-2562-8190 / 033-2584-6260 / 61 / 62 / 63 / 64


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