E G I Y E     B A N G L A


Activities under SSM

In service teachers' training

The key word with respect to the project objectives is obvious by quality to ensure quality education for the elementary stage teachers training. Training at regular intervals is required both for the existing and newly recruited teachers at all levels. It orients them of education system on the newly passed rules RTE Acts 2009 and guidelines and also helps them to understand the children better. Teachers training is a continuous process and helps one to understand his/her roles and responsibilities in the current context and to perform better.

SL No Year Subject No of teachers
1 2015-16 RInclusive Education & Carrier Counselling 350
2 2016-17 Maths, Physics, Life science, English, ICT & Carrier Counseling 3454
3 2017-18 Maths, Physics, Life science, English, ICT & Carrier Counseling 5501

Status of Out of School Children

At the time of launching (in the year 2001) of the project i.e. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan in North 24 Parganas district, there were approx 87350 numbers of Out of School Children of 6 to 14 years age group. The District Project Office took a special initiative and launched a special programme named "Enrolment Drive" to bring the children in schools. As per report of SI/S only 211 number of OOSC are existed in the district in 2017. All sort of measures are being done to enroll these children within this year.

SL No Year Identified Enrolled
1 2013-14 12780 10130
2 2014-15 2650 2015
3 2015-16 635 296
4 2016-17 442 353
5 2017-18 211 200

Free Text Book Distribution

Free Text books have been provided for all students of Upper Primary School in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Telegu, and Oriya medium. Year wise books distribution in details

SL No Academic Year Total No of Text Book Distributed
1 2013 4223026
2 2014 4026778
3 2015 3959974
4 2016 3312033
5 2017 3410049

Uniform Grant distributed


SL No Year Total no of Students DISBURSED AMOUNT
1 2013-14 948560 379424000
2 2014-15 750705 300282000
3 2015-16 850543 340217000
4 2016-17 773458 309383200